Christmas present for my mom

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Yesterday on Wednesday December 18 I spent about 4 hours drawing the picture shown above. The drawing is a last minute Christmas present for my mom who is currently living in Washington state (I love how you have to say state or else everyone is confused). The reason I chose a grand piano is because my mom has been playing piano since she was just a little kid. Her mom, my grandma as far as I can tell is the one who taught her how to play and got her interested in music, or at least piano music. My mom has since played piano for around 30+ years and she has played for the New Virginia(small town in Iowa) church, and she also has given piano and voice lessons for many years. I would like to say that she is the reason I started playing, but that is a more likely story to be told by my sister. In fact my mom turned me off of music and piano for a very long time because she tried to give me music lessons. My advice to all parents, do not try and force your skills and interests on a kid, they will probably want to do them on there own because of you, but if pushed it will ruin that experience. For me piano became like a chore, when I was a little kid, around 6-7 as a guess she would have lessons at regimented times and it caused me to dislike piano. My mom also put me up in front of a bunch of strangers to show how well I could play, and I promptly screwed up. So my beginnings as a musician were fairly sketchy, but I understand why she was doing it. So I drew the piano because my mom is a music teacher, and she is a very good piano teacher, but also because I rarely ever see her after she moved to Washington. I still live in Iowa, which is a very long trip to Washington and my sister (also a musician) recominded that she might like something I made, and this is one the things I enjoy doing, and it seams to have turned out pretty well. The hardest part of the drawing was the lid, if you look at it for a short time period or just glance at it it seams fine and in-place, but once you start looking at it and judging it, it seams proportional and annoying as hell. I redrew the lid probably 9 times at least and I still feel like its not perfect. For me the coolest part of a large piano like a grand is the inside, the complexities at first glance is so overwhelming it seams like much more than a tool, and it is. Its a work of art. I don’t have the skill to draw all of the hammers by the keys and the angle wouldn’t have allowed it, but I did draw the steel frame on the inside and all of the string that the hammer hits to make a sound. For anyone who doesn’t  really know much about pianos the inside is called the soundboard and is were all the sound is created. The lid can be raised on all acoustic pianos so it sounds allot louder and has more direction towards your audience, you could say that raising or lowering the lid is like turning the volume up or down. So thats my two cents on pianos, I could go into allot more detail but lets not. If you take anything away from this essay, let it be that you don’t necessarily haft to buy a present, and pianos are cool.

P.S the photo doesn’t do the drawing justice.

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